Body Piercing Material Information: Wood

Due to the porous nature of wood, we would like to make the following recommendations:

Wood should only be used in mature / healed stretchings and should not be used as part of the stretching process.

Prior to insertion lightly oil the jewellery - olive oil, jojoba, vitamin E, tea tree oil - with a lightly oiled paper towel or massage the jewellery with clean oiled fingertips.

Wipe off excess oil but do not overwipe.

Place gently into the stretching.

Regularly rotate the jewellery in the stretching, this is beneficial to both the stretching and the jewellery.

It is recommended that you repeat this process periodically - gently washing any build up if required - before re-oiling. Please note that fequent applications of oil may cause the colour of the wood to darken.

We do not recommend that wooden jewellery is submerged in water for long periods of time or exposed to any drastic changes in temperature or humidity.

As with all materials, oils and cleaning products - there can be no guarantee that an allergic reaction will not occur. You know your body, take care of it.