Body Piercing Material Information: Silicone

All the products listed in this section are manufactured from certified biocompatible silicone acquired from one of Europe's largest pharmaceutical suppliers. Our silicone meets the requirements of the following:

European Pharmacopoeia, Deutsches Arzneibuch, U.S Pharmacopoeia Plastics of Class V1

Our silicone also meets the requirements of EN30993 / ISO 10993, Biological assessment of medical products and its biocompatibility is tested according to the guidelines of the Tripartite Test of the U.S Pharmacopoeia. The dye has been mixed in a ratio of 1:300 and has passed the German BGA medical standard.

All silicone is tested for 30 days continuous body implant, however all silicone accessories are intended for temporary application only and designed to cover a 6mm barbell ball. Beware of cheap inferior, possibly toxic imitations from the Far East. Pirated designs using unsafe material are now on the market.