Mammoth Ivory

Body Piercing Material Information: Mammoth Ivory

Flux supply a range of body jewellery manufactured from Mammoth Ivory. All our Mammoth Ivory is extracted from the permafrost tundra of North Eastern Siberia, a vast desolate wasteland deep inside the Arctic Circle, six time zones and over 5000km from Moscow. The Russian Academy of Science estimates that more than 500,000 tonnes of mammoth tusks are buried along a 1000 km stretch of Arctic coast, suggesting that five million mammoths once roamed this arctic wilderness.

Annually some five tonnes of ivory are taken from the ice. Fast flowing rivers, fat with melted snow, are flushing massive tusks from this icy mausoleum as they carve their way through a landscape frozen for one million years, since the dawn of the first ice age. Ice layers more than 1.5km thick are eroding to reveal their fascinating prehistoric secrets.

Our mammoth products are tested by the Schreger test to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the tusk structure, and undergo ultraviolet analysis. Mammoth ivory, unlike elephant ivory, can display intrusive brown or blue-green coloured blemishes caused by an iron phosphate, viviante, which shows a spectacular performance under ultra violet light.

Classified an extinct species, fossilized mammoth ivory is a legal commodity and can be traded world wide, as it is exempt from the Washington agreement on Endangered Species.

All our Mammoth ivory is double certificated.

Mammoth ivory products have been cleared for legal importation under EC regulation 33897 and 939/97 by the UK CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) office at the Department of the Environment, and fully licensed by the MAFF under the Animal Health Act of 1981 and the Importation of Animal Products of 1980.

Mammoth ivory is sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and exceptional heating, for example autoclave sterilisation. This can cause cracks to appear on the surface. DO NOT EXPOSE TO INTENSE HEAT!